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3 keys to great retail digital signage experiences

A major trend in store design has been movement toward digital signage, a catch-all term here defined as using monitors and glowing screens of various sizes and configurations (and resolutions) to convey video-powered imagery and messages as shoppers walk by. It is the billboard come to life, and a seemingly great way for brands to re-use video assets and commercials they have already paid dearly for. It's a logical first...

Digital signage trends in 'The 7 Key Elements' for 2014

Polishing up the old crystal ball, there are going to be some inescapable trends in 2014. From the perspective of The Digital Signage Experts Group's 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage, here is what we see happening within each Element: Business Much more accurate and reliable work will be done on research and forecasting of the quantity of parts in digital signage and reporting on the various market segments. Ad-based...

Screen trends for digital signage in 2014

Here are three areas that promise to be of growing interest and focus in the next year: Video Walls Touch-enabled Displays Ultra High-definition Resolutions Experiential video walls While video walls have been around for a while, expectations are still growing. Consumers are intrigued by their size and presence. But back in 2008, those same consumers were mesmerized by them. Today, video walls have to create experiences to draw people in....